While I would rather not make a post like this, it was just something that I felt I had to do. In this day and age, where social media plays a big role in pretty much EVERYTHING everyone does, it can sometimes become a cesspool of hatred, ignorance, and idiocy. It’s irritating.

The issue is the cyber bullying surrounding both Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe’s personal and romantic lives. What does it matter? They eat, sleep, have friends and family just like the rest of us. Are they public figures? Yes, when they are working. However, I am sure they love their privacy, just as much as any one else does. They do not give up that privacy just because they are actors. I am a very private person myself. I have had a boyfriend for almost a month now, and have yet to tell my own best friend, let alone make it Facebook official. Why? Because it is MY business. I don’t live for everyone’s commentary on my life. I don’t seek approval for my choices. Therefore, why do people think it is any of their business who Sam Heughan or Caitriona Balfe date? It really is none of anyone’s concern. Would it be nice? I don’t necessarily think so. My mother always taught me to never shit where I eat. If you date someone you work with, and things go tits up, it will be an awkward place to work afterwards for you, your ex, and everyone else who has to witness the awkwardness. It would actually ruin the effect for me personally; the magic of the show. For me to be able to forget that the actors are playing a character real is the magic. To get lost in the world that DG created, and that Ron Moore is bringing to life, is magical. If they were dating in real life, everything would be focused on their personal lives during interviews. Who wants to really watch that? Remember Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. That ended well. Not to mention those movies were a real shit show.

I cannot image being any kind of public figure. People think they have a right to be invasive just because you act, or go to premier nights. Having to wake up to over a million twitter followers fighting over who you are dating, and including you in the tweets. I would be the Bad Girl of the celebrity world. I would be in jail for snatching cameras, breaking them, hitting, kicking. Why? Because you are in my space, and in my business. Piss off. I wouldn’t have a social media account. People would not have pictures of my family, or friends. If I ever went into acting I would just delete everything, and ask my friends not to share any pictures that could be seen by their friends. I would be vague as hell in interviews. No one would be able to know a damn thing that I didn’t share with them from my own mouth.

The most horrific part is that people are taking to finding Sam Heughan’s  current girlfriend’s personal information, and bullying her via social media. Really? The man can’t have a life? It really is none of any fan’s business what he does, who he does it with, where he does it. Don’t these fans have husbands, children, or friends of their own to worry about? Freaky fans are also blaming him for the bullying, life it is his fault! Remember what they did to Cody Kennedy? William Shatner has become involved in the matter somehow, and has taken up for his friend Sam. Is Shatner going about it the right way? No, I wouldn’t engage crazy idiots on the internet that way; however, I can understand why he is doing it.

The level of disrespect via social media is getting out of hand. How dare anyone attack someone else over something that is none of their business. To top it off, now fans are getting angry at Sam Heughan because they feel he shouldn’t be friends with Shatner, or should say something in their defense. What? Sam Heughan owes nothing to anyone. Fans can come and go. He may finish doing Outlander and cease acting to have a normal life one day. Are the fans going to support him then? Heaven forbid he become disabled and unable to perform the role or act any more. Are the fans going to wipe his ass, feed and dress him? No. He has family and friends that actually know him, and will care for him. Fans will continue to live their lives, and move on to the next big thing. They may wonder occasionally what happened to that guy who used to play James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser; however, they will no longer care about him or his personal life. So why does he owe it to any fan to admonish Shatner on Twitter? Grow up. No really;  grow the fuck up.

I don’t really know much about “shipping”, nor do I care to even look it up. I don’t even really care about which section of fans started this nonsense (Shippers vs Non Shippers). It’s stupid. I barely have time to write my thoughts in this blog, let alone follow an actor’s day-to-day life, look for his girlfriend’s personal information, and harass them both. I have work, dates with my own boyfriend, apartment hunting, sleep to catch up on. Precious sleep! The only thing I know is that anyone who thinks they have any right to bully someone else is wrong, no matter what the issue is. That includes Shatner. He is not by any means Captain Save a Bro. He should not be going to the extremes that he is in order to stick up for Mr. Heughan. However, if you are grown enough to put yourself out their and say ignorant or ridiculous things about who your favorite TV star dates, you when you know you are wrong for that…yeah you just as stupid.

I love the show. I read all the books, I love DG, I love what all of the actors bring to the characters and the show as a whole. However, I would never infiltrate their personal lives, and try to dictate who they date. No. I will only review the work the present to me in the form of their acting. I will follow their career’s as I follow many other people that I admire. Because they are doing something that I could never do, due to my shyness and private behavior. The actors should be congratulated on a job well done, and that is it. Simply being an actor, and having a social media account does not give any fan the right to search for his private information or his girlfriend’s information, and harass them. That is not right. It is okay to “ship him and Caitriona, because they do have a great on-screen chemistry. That is their damn job. I hope they would get along for their own well-being, as well as the other cast and crew members. It makes work go by smoothly when you can get along with co-workers. That is teamwork! But when the shipping is taken to the extreme, it becomes scary, dangerous, invasive, rude, and disrespectful.

I’ll say it again: Grow Up. Be respectful.


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