Crazy Blog Lady


Where do I start?

I have always wanted to start a blog. I just never knew what I wanted to discuss. However, I needed my own place to vent my opinions, emotions, and theories on my favorite things. This is my own space, and I am so excited about it. Terrified, but excited nonetheless.

I love to read, and I love watching what I read come to life on my TV screen; Therefore, the natural way to go would be to blog about books and shows that I am most passionate about.

Outlander. Oh Outlander! How I love Diana Gabaldon!  I started watching the first season late, even though I wanted to see it when it first came on. After watching the first few episodes, I was sold. Sam Heughan/James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser (say that five times fast) quickly became my new bae, replacing James McAvoy (sorry James McAvoy, Hello Sam Heughan). I ate all of Diana Gabaldon’s novels up within a matter of months.

I may add a post or two about other books and television shows as time permits. But I would like to see how it goes with just one topic for now.

I have always been different. I try not to be too harsh when stating my opinions, and I do my best to be as respectful of other people’s opinions; which is why I require respect in return. If you must be nasty just because you think the keyboard and computer will protect you, think again. Anyone can be found. That is the beauty/terrifying thing about the internet. If you don’t like what is posted on this blog, or any other blog, don’t read it any more. If you get easily offended, don’t read it anymore. If you are just a terrible and unhappy person in general, don’t read it anymore. Problem solved.

I have posted on a lot of sites; which is what prompted me to finally start my own blog. I didn’t always like what people responded with. Therefore, I did not go back. Problem solved.

I may get lost within the sea of the thousands of other blogs that are more popular; however, I am just happy to have my own place, and welcome anyone who wants to discuss anything they want as well.

So, here I go….



Respectful Blerd


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